Innovative Mathematics Learning Software for Migrant Students - immiMATH

The multicultural nature of modern society constitutes one of the most significant changes to have influenced schools in many European countries. In many EU member states, a high percentage of students are migrants (first or second generation). The current influx of refugees and asylum seekers will most likely lead to an increase in this percentage, and the multicultural classroom - already a reality in many schools - will become the norm. While most member states have - after some struggle - succeeded to issue educational policies dealing with this situation, and suitable learning materials for languages and social sciences have recently been developed, the learning materials that teachers have available to teach mathematics in multicultural classrooms lag far behind, as do the learning outcomes. The teacher’s job is all the more difficult because he/she is usually not sufficiently prepared to deal with the new classroom context with pupils having a migrant background, coming from countries with different cultures and different languages, as these topics are not often covered in pre- and in-service teacher education.

It is therefore the objective of this project to:
- develop, test and disseminate ICT-based teaching and learning materials ("learning software") for teaching mathematics in multicultural and multilingual classrooms, with a particular focus on migrant students
- provide pre- and in-service-teacher training activities ("professional development"), presenting and using the learning software.